Restoration and Repair

Looking to have that piece of furniture repaired or refinished? You came to the right place. Mike at Mountain Furniture has over 30 years experience in furniture repair and furniture restoration. Many of us have furniture and or other related items that need some attention, whether it be a broken leg, scratches, dents, splits or the finish has just deteriorated over time. Why buy new when that older piece you already have can be restored to like new condition. If you're looking for a true craftsman that offers up the quality you are seeking, that's exactly what we do. Quality work & customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Do you have a piece of furniture that you're storing or keeping in an out of the way place because of the way it looks. Maybe you have a vintage piece of furniture or a family heirloom that you keep telling yourself someday I'll have that piece of furniture refinished, repaired, or restored. Maybe now is a good time to do just that. You can enjoy and be proud of that piece once again.



You need to remember that the longer you wait and put off having that furniture repair, the more it will deteriorate. Many family heirlooms have already survived generations of use and abuse, if you let it go for too long it may become beyond repair especially if that piece is being stored in a less than desirable location. If that treasure has any sentimental value to you, having it restored will bring it back to life and back to the treasure status it once enjoyed. The look on my customers faces when they see their restored treasure is priceless. Many assumed their piece was
beyond repair but were keeping it in storage simply because it belonged to their mother of father or grandparents. If seeing that piece reminds you of good times or fond memories it carries a very special value specific to you. It's time to restore it.


At Mountain Furniture we offer superior craftsmanship and repair. We can duplicate and replace missing pieces or parts on any style furniture. Our goal is to provide the highest quality furniture repair where the customer forgets where the repair was made. We always strive to make the furniture repair invisible. It is always wise and best to repair that piece of furniture sooner rather than later. If you wait too long you may lose the chance to repair it altogether. With todays technology it is very easy to send a text image of your furniture and discuss with Mike to begin the process.

Refinishing and Design


Let's face it, the nature of furniture is something that needs to be addressed. It doesn't last forever unless you keep up the required maintenance. It's not indestructible and it's not above being damaged. It's kind of like a car, you have to do routine furniture maintenance and upkeep. You can't just run it into the ground and expect it to perform. The finish degrades, scratches appear, accidents happen and just plain old wear and tear require your attention periodically. Keep up the maintenance on your treasured furniture and it can last many more lifetimes. Many customers come to me with the first coffee table a couple bought together and it holds a special place. Refinishing that original coffee table and restoring it to like new condition assures its legacy will live on. Refinishing protects your furniture for many more generations to enjoy.

Refinishing is also the eco-friendly choice, instead of procuring a new piece of furniture, restore what you already have. Many modern day furnishings are made with composite materials and are of inferior quality. Call Mountain Furniture today and give that antique or heirloom a new life by furniture refinishing & complete furniture restorations.



If you need something specifically designed special just for you, Mountain Furniture also designs and builds custom furniture. If you would like to see some of our pieces, there is a tab up above that links to our gallery. Mountain Furniture also has an Instagram link you can click on to view some of Mike's recent projects. No design is out of reach, so if you are looking for furniture design or furniture construction, have a look. Mike's work has been featured in American Cowboy magazine, Log Home Living magazine, Nevada magazine and hard cover books Cowboy Chic by Chase Reynolds Ewald & Contemporary Western Design...High Style Furniture & Interiors by Thea Marx. Furniture design is not limited to any particular style, whatever furniture design or furniture construction you are looking for we are ready & able to discuss your custom furniture idea.